About James

I’m James Otieno Oyango I was born in 1991 and raised up in a humble background Mathare Slum Kenya Nairobi. I come from a family of five Children, two boys and three beautiful ladies, I’m the third born .In early years I was a footballer but I came to discover my career  as a photographer in an  organizations  known as Mwelu Foundation youth photography and Shoot Back in 2005 and 2008 which there offices  based in Mathare slum. I’m interesting watch fiction movies, documentaries, and photo documentaries. Since 2009 I have been in very comprehensive projects focusing on documentaries, Drama  and Movies as a DOP (Director of Photography) and some as a Photographer such as, Tunaruka Tukilala, under siege, under dark, Ghetto Girl, Mathare High way, Cycle of despair, Ghetto Survivor, and traditional troops in west Uganda. In 2010 I was announced the fourth person in world to a photo competition, the theme was I’m 20yrs in my country. In 2011 most of my pictures featured in a book known as GRASS ROOT UPGRADE/ EASTLAND NAIROBI, Which the Authors were Africalia and Slum-TV.  This year May another photo book and stories will be launch in Belgium and Kenya which my pictures feature in the book, the name of the book is JULIUS MWELU AND THE MWELU FOUNDATION /NAIROBI, which now is being sold with various entities such as Amazon.

 I am now in Kenya working on photos documentaries around my locality, focusing on positive and negatives issues affecting residences in Mathare slum such as Local Maternity, Herbalist woman, waste management and Mathare by Night. All these I’m doing them on photo documentaries together with my colleague Eric who is responsible for writing stories and some of young talents, both boys and girls in my neighborhood, I do train them on grassroots media the importance of photography and later on uploaded photos and stories on internet, (which we do say photographer’s eyes are the mirror of the world). My blog URL is http://www.jamesotieno.wordpress.com. I myself and other colleagues in Mathare slum we have started a special program on school outreach lessons which focusing on photography and film making in general, has in we go to primary privets schools which base in our locality we give them basic knowledge’s, on a voluntary basics, the project is now two years old we manage to start with three schools. I love photography a lot because I have passion in it and it’s my career, I want to be local, national and international recognize photographer through my lens.

This blog is build and maintained by Fabian , a web & Graphic designer  (fagenius.com)

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